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"Today I spent all day driving back from sectionals with two exhausted hung-over idiots. FML." :) <3
razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
Back from sectionals. It was... fairly average, as sectionals go. I had fun, bonded with people (in some cases by having them make fun of me nonstop, KATE AND LISA :P), learned an awesomely inappropriate new icebreaker game (" was the size of a small child!" rofl), did some geocaching... and drank waaaaaay too much on Saturday night. x.x I need my tolerance back, srsly. I had two relatively strong drinks and three shots, and that was enough to put me in spaced-out, can't close my eyes or the room will start spinning mode. And this morning I felt like death, and I never used to get hangovers no matter how much I drank or how little water I had with it. I don't think I like getting old. *pouts*

The conference itself was... ehhh, honestly not great. The meetings were scheduled way too late so we weren't able to get ready for banquet on time (though admittedly we would've been okay were it not for the most epic failure of an attempt to go to Walmart of all time, which I will explain in comments if anyone really wants to know... or just ask Kate and Lisa about how I almost had to kill them and was placated with hush puppies), and for the banquet itself we were squished into a tiny room that didn't even fit everyone... and once again the dance sucked. Is it so hard to get a DJ who plays dance music for a dance? Like, dance music that anyone who isn't into obscure house/techno/rap/whatever the hell he was playing has ever heard of? NOT THAT HARD, PEOPLE.

But really, the point was to see everyone and hang out and have fun, so... mission accomplished, pretty much. It's still a little weird for me, being in a relationship outside of APO and going to conferences, with all the flirting and tension and other people hooking up, but I know it's worth it (not gonna give up a happy steady relationship just to have fun a few times a year at conferences, obviously) so I'll deal. And it's not like hooking up with random people has ever gotten me anywhere good anyway, with my excessively romantic tendencies. x.x There are a few things I'm still... curious about, I suppose, but I have to remember it's basically a moot point anyway so I shouldn't worry about it much. It's just... weird, not bad weird, but weird. Eh.

Anyway... of course, there were many epic (or should I say feckic?) moments as usual. Lisa deciding that my boyfriend doesn't exist... the horrible, horrible conversation involving alligators that somehow resulted from me misquoting a Quiznos ad... playing the pickup truck game and the "figure out what the license plate stands for" game, fitting 7 people into my car to go geocaching, the aforementioned epic Walmart fail, Joe and "that's great!", Kate and Russ doing the maturity dance... probably lots of others I'm forgetting. Oh sectionals, were it not for you it would take us much longer to come up with new inside jokes :)

Now I will find some way to kill about 40 more minutes until Chris comes over (yes, at midnight... CS majors have weird homework schedules). Or doesn't come over, because apparently he's imaginary :P

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awesome. I want a cute top! (and to go to the ren fair, but I'm doing that this summer. :D)

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