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Happy Easter, have some prejudice.
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
Well, this is about 45 kinds of bullshit. (Especially with this additional detail, because... yeah. Wow. Award-winning literary explorations of GLBT themes are apparently unacceptable pornography now. AWESOME. Never realized I was reading filthy smut unsuitable for the masses when I was assigned Winterson in one of my undergrad English classes! PROTECT THE CHILDREN.)

Amazon, stop failing at life plz. >.>

(at some point I need to get out of bed, and go visit my family, and maybe watch the Doctor Who special jfpbookworm so kindly acquired for us. But blaaaaargh. Am teh zmobie. I am so tired lately and it sucks. XP

weekend has been okay, not much to say about it really. went geocaching. saw Chris, but he's very stressed about school and his crazy overprotective family as usual. had to pay my taxes for the entire year... bank account has a sad. am getting addicted to the Dresden Files, finally, although... maybe it's just that I'm used to modern paranormal fantasy series being very female-driven, but he could do with a little less "I am a manly man full of masculinity" every three pages. and I still think Susan sucks and Murphy is way more awesome and should be the canon love interest, just like I did in the TV series. buuuuttt I've only read the first book so we'll see.)

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have you gotten to the part where he starts running around in a ratty bathrobe yet? cuz that's my favorite part.

i just gave liz the fourth book if you want to borrow it from her when you get that far.

oh and i'm bored out of my skull if you want to go find something to do later.

Alas, I have to put in an appearance at home, for the holiday and to deal with my tax payment. I'll text when I get back though, if it's not too late.

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