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Even mediocre Doctor Who is still Doctor Who *squees*
geeky Doctor (by lottie_doyle)
Did get around to watching "Planet of the Dead." I... am not exactly sure if I liked it!

I think it wasn't really the kind of Doctor Who story that I prefer, as I am of the opinion that the quality of the episode is directly proportional to the amount of Nightmare Fuel. This may have had suspenseful moments but it wasn't scary at all, and I just wasn't that interested in the plot... there weren't any cool new concepts or clever gimmicks or plot twists, it was just another typical "stranded on another planet with hostile alien lifeforms" story. Hell, it was basically last season's episode "Midnight" (yes, Russell, it's still lazy to rip yourself off even if you hang a lampshade on it) without the creepy claustrophobic atmosphere and psychological mindfuck horror that made that episode good.

And I don't know if I liked Lady Christina. She was kind of a cliche (bored thrill-seeking rich kid picking up elaborate burglary as a hobby, never seen that one before), and had some really corny lines ("that's how I like things, extreme"? *eyes roll out of head*). It was definitely a different dynamic between her and the Doctor, since they're both charismatic, daring leader-types, and that was sort of interesting to watch... but the forced romantic tension just annoyed me, because really, I know David Tennant's incredibly hot and all but I'm getting a little sick of them setting up every random character as a potential love interest. UNIT squeeing over the Doctor was amusing, though, and I totally thought the scientist guy was going to kiss him as well at the end, which would have made me far less annoyed about the kiss with Christina. :P

Also, OMG OMG FORESHADOWING. I am such a whore for foreshadowing, so Carmen's prophecy at the end was definitely my favorite part. "He will knock four times"? Pretty sure I know who "he" is referring to and if so EEEEEEEE. (of course, reading casting spoilers gave me a pretty good clue too...) And the preview for the next special looks like it'll be more up my alley than this one was. Even if it does appear to be about the thousandth time they've used some variation on zombies (apparently this time they are water zombies... as opposed to gas-mask zombies, spacesuit zombies, other spacesuit zombies, tentacly-alien-zombies, faceless zombies, alien-ghost-possessed zombies, etc etc etc). Somehow they never stop being creepy. And one need only look as far as Japanese horror to know that water can be creepy in itself. So yeah. Looking forward to that one. (And from what I've heard the companion's gonna be an older woman, so hopefully there will be no obnoxious kissy-face stuff.) :D

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told you. must have. just it or something. just to say i have it.

That is so awesome.

*wonders if there's octopus fabric... because octopus fabric would also be awesome*

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