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"we are the undead!"
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
New guilty pleasure! I just caught up on the first episode of Harper's Island, that new summer mystery series on CBS, in time to watch the second one tonight. It's pretty bad. Most of the acting is pretty laughable, the script's cheesy and it's full of horror/mystery/soap-opera cliches. And I looooove it. I think I'm enjoying it so much because it's basically a TV version of one of those terrible old R.L. Stine teen horror novels I used to love. A bunch of friends with overwrought secrets in a secluded setting being killed off one by one? So Fear Street.

Plus, it's full of minor-league TV actors I recognize! Christopher Gorham, who is always super adorable, and Ruby and Bobby from Supernatural, and the chef from Eureka, and the annoying boyfriend from The Best Years (speaking of terrible guilty pleasure TV >.>)... and, heh, Aaron Echolls, but yeah, about that. ...And I need a life. XD

Also, I need to share this video. Because it's adorable and amazing.

It will live in your head forever. I almost don't even think the actual game can live up to how cool this is.


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