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reminds me of echolalia

jesus christ it's 4:30 in the morning WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY SLEEP SCHEDULE.
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
I really thought I was jaded to all that the internet had to offer. Terrible fanfiction, creepy pornography, bizarre subcultures... I've seen it all in my wanderings on this here series of tubes.

Okay, well, I thought I'd seen it all. Until ten minutes ago, though, I had not seen a French guy sitting on his couch doing some kind of disturbing interpretive dance to a Phil Collins song while smoking a cigarette.

Now I have. Thank you, Youtube. My mind is gone.

(that might not sound that weird compared to some of the Rule 34-fodder out there, yeah. but... think about how random that is, completely without context. and what really freaks me out is that the video had almost no views and no comments. I am now one of the few people on the planet who has seen said French guy's horrible tribute to the former lead singer of Genesis. there's something existentially frightening about that.

or maybe I just really need to go to bed.)

nobody understood me 'til his eyes fixed upon me
the missing piece (by alex_boylove)

Even though I am facing a pretty boring week (everyone is going to be busy or away for break D:), life is pretty good. I need to work up the energy to stop laying around and get ready to go to Hamburg and visit ithilimp, though.

Last night Chris and I watched Death at a Funeral, which... omg. For everyone who said we were weird for going to a zombie movie on a date, lol... this is probably worse. It's a really, really dark comedy of errors, mostly British, though for some reason Alan Tudyk is in it (and is fucking hilarious, seriously). And it has probably the best last line I've ever seen in a movie. (Annnd I just found out Chris Rock is remaking it. -.- I can't see that going well... why must Americans screw everything up?)

Oh, and I'm playing Persona 2. For no raison. I'm trying to get back into games (other than Rock Band or World of Goo or Peggle :P) and this one is really entertaining me. There are Lovecraft references, squee! And I like that it's a modern fantasy/horror RPG-- there totally needs to be more of those, given my boredom with traditional fantasy settings, and the fact that I suck at survival horror (curse you Silent Hill 5...)., the people upstairs are incredibly loud today. A few minutes ago they sounded like they were making zombie noises. >.>

I really want to see Watchmen. But everyone's leaaaaving meeeee. Maybe next weekend?

now I need a shower. :D

my puzzle life's complete now that I've found the missing piece.
geeky Doctor (by lottie_doyle)
Ooooh... How did it take me so long to learn about Razia's Shadow: A Musical? It's basically a modern rock/"indie"/"emo" (hell, I don't even know what the proper term for my preferred genre of music is) rock opera, starring a billion of the major vocalists from that scene. It's a tragic mythological love story. It's... okay, it's cheesy, pretentious, kinda silly, and I love it so much. My only complaint is that the story's kind of rushed near the end and it totally could've been a lot longer. And I have no idea what the title means. I get the "shadow" part, but who the hell's Razia? Huh.

Also, I can't stop paging through The Mortasheen Project, even though it's creepy and squicky and completely fucked-up. It's like if H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Giger and Junji Ito had created Pokemon. Don't look if you don't have a strong stomach, or if you have a problem with body horror and eldritch monstrosities drawn in a disturbingly cartoonish style. But I love all the references/homages to other horror works, and it really is clever, albeit kind of disturbing that one person spent all this time drawing/coming up with these things. >.>

Annnnnnd go here and read this if you never want to be able to see Animal Crossing the same way again. Hehehe. I love the internet.

Last night's Skype conversation was amusing. In case you were wondering, yes, Cyberman and Dalek porn exists. Apparently there is also Flying Spaghetti Monster porn. Rule 34 lives to see another day. Again, I love the internet.

This entry brought to you by me trying to kill time on a slow work day while I wait for later tonight when stuff will happen. <3333 Maybe I will go and get coffee, for coffee is delicious.

what can I do so I don't ever lose you?
razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
So apparently the comedy show tickets we have are for, uh, this Friday? Not April? lol. Yay, I have weekend plans now... and at least I don't have to worry about anything conflicting with sectionals. *bounces* can't wait!

Also, to anyone here who knows more about Rock Band than I do (matrarch?)... does anyone know why, when you sort your library by artist, certain songs are listed by album and others aren't? Does it just automatically do that when there's more than one song from the same album, or could it be a hint at later full album releases? Now that I think of it, it's probably the former, but I really hope it's the latter because Bleed American is one of the albums listed and it would be awesome to have a full Jimmy album on there. :D

I need some new music, though, in general. I'm pretty well burned out on my current mp3 library. Because apparently over 3 thousand songs isn't enough. I've got a bunch of new albums I haven't listened to yet, but... meh, they're mostly more of the same from artists I already know. Anybody want to point me in the direction of something new and spectacular? One of the handful of you who don't listen exclusively to power metal or country? :P

... *squirms* I want to go running. Or geocaching. Or just sitting outside with a book. WHY IS THERE STILL SNOW ON THE GROUND. It's really weird, my body thinks it should be warm outside and is going OMG LET'S GET OUT IN THE SUN but I still couldn't go out there without three layers on. Cognitive dissonance sucks. *sadface*

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razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
So tired, but this weekend was so worth it. I didn't get much sleep until today and then slept in until almost 2 pm, after having to get up this morning long enough to take raquhelnseaelf's guest to the airport while she was at work.

SLED was fun! I got to be the resident staff gofer, and discovered (Discover-ed, hahaha, I'm hilarious) that APO LEADS courses can actually be enjoyable and not boring and miserable like my Launch was (don't worry, it wasn't any of you who taught it, it was when I first pledged and I didn't know anyone there and it was in a scary brick room in the basement). And afterward we went to Friendly's and then a group of us ventured out to Niagara Falls to walk across the bridge into Canada. We spent most of our time in the arcade and I found out why raquhelnseaelf loves the quarter game so much. ;) And we went on a super lame haunted-house laser shooter ride and had a great time. I haven't done random stupid shit like that in a while (not since summer, sniffle, hurry up and get here summer... okay, well, warm weather, not actual end-of-the-school-year summer because I really really don't want to think about that).

Also, I'm joining thegreyarcher's Skype D&D campaign (along with mtcrunch23, I heard? yes, I totally copied you, because Joe always thinks he invites me to join campaigns but he never does :P). I haven't gamed in forever because everyone's so busy now, that or they're just being lame, so I'm looking forward to it. Need to get new dice and write up my backstory soon. My character's a thief illusionist and should be lots of fun to play.

ALSO, Chris got free tickets for us to see Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver at UB this spring! Great boyfriend, or greatest boyfriend? ;) I love both of them so I am super excited. I really, really hope none of the shows conflict with sectionals, though... I can't find any information at all about it online, and I did see it advertised on campus but no dates were listed. It's gonna really suck if I have to choose. But he said he thought they were in April, so I should be okay... *keeps fingers crossed*

Oh, and Jimmy Eat World songs for download on Rock Band next week!! This weekend's been full of good news. And I got to spend today just lying around resting and rewatching Torchwood, which I've been in the mood for lately, maybe because of silent_bunny's recent commentary on it or because the novels make good light coffeeshop reading. I notice I'm liking Ianto a lot more this time around-- throughout the first season I thought he was boring and had no personality, but now I can see that the awesome snarkiness he shows in the second season was subtly there all along. Also, Jack's hot, but we all knew that. :D

i want to punch koala bears in the face
razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
oh hai, paranoia...

I have this creeping suspicion that I'm being... kind of slowly forced out of my own life, I guess. no hard evidence, just a feeling I'm getting. but I can't really say anything about it, because I'll just get a condescending lecture about how I should go run along and play while the Real Adults deal with their busy Real Adult schedules. (because of course I just sit around and do nothing important all day, and somehow get paid for it! funny how that works.)

bleh. I don't know. I'm just annoyed with everyone. I'm annoyed with people who ignore me and I'm annoyed with people who won't leave me the hell alone-- there doesn't seem to be a happy medium at the moment. and maybe I'd be in a better mood if I was getting decent sleep, but apparently this fucking construction is nowhere near done, which means banging and men yelling and country music outside my window every single morning (EVEN SATURDAY) at promptly 9 am for the indefinite future. fucking awesome. (and no, I'm not gonna go to bed earlier just because of this bullshit. fuck that.)

whatever. the only thing cheering me up lately is coffee and books and so I'm gonna go indulge in that. (actually, right now I'm reading the manga monster which is really good. so far it seems to be another intricate cat-and-mouse mystery epic kind of like death note but without the supernatural elements so far. I dunno why this genre seems to only exist in Japan but it's awesome.)

also I damn well better still be seeing coraline this weekend. 'cause I'm not gonna be happy if it falls through after I changed my plans last weekend and waited. so yeah.

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razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
What the everloving fuck.

So I have a godawful headache and I decided to take a shower to see if it would help. AND GUESS WHAT. Apparently we don't have any water coming out of the tub faucets or the shower. The bathroom sink works fine. The kitchen sink works fine. Every other source of water in the entire apartment works fine. BUT NO, I CAN'T TAKE A SHOWER, THAT'S NOT ALLOWED.

I'm pretty sure this is yet another side effect of the fucking construction they've been doing on my building for a week and a half. Which has already inconvenienced me repeatedly by a) turning off my electricity for half a day on Monday and b) waking me up every goddamn morning at 8 or 9 am with pounding so loud it shakes my room and stereos blasting country music.


my head hurts. and I feel disgusting. and I just want to take a shower goddammit. but I can't exactly call anyone up at nearly 11 pm and be like "oh hai, can I come over and get naked plz?" *cries*

does anyone, like... know what could cause this? I didn't even think it was possible. what the fuck, srsly.

I'm so bored :(
razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
Nerd testCollapse )

What Kind of Reader Are You?Collapse )

also, I have discovered the only thing worse than Twilight: god-awful Twilight fanfiction. (Not exactly safe for work/children/not having your eyes bleed, as the quoted excerpt is from a terrible terrible terrible smut scene.)


razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
So... I'm sick! And it's really, really annoying! I don't even know where it came from. I was fine Monday night, and woke up Tuesday morning feeling like shit. I'm hoping that with enough sleep and zinc and vitamin C I'll be okay by Friday, because... yeah. I need to be okay by Friday, pretty much. >.>

But I don't care that much right now, because LOST!!!! Oh god, crack show, I have missed you. <3333 I've got pizza, I've got coffee, and I'm ready to be good and mindfucked for two hours. I'll probably update this entry with various spoiler-tagged flailings if anything comes to mind.

(or I'll just make stuff up. HOLY SHIT THE ISLAND IS THE TARDIS!)

And the WTFery begins (spoilers, of course)Collapse )

*wants to be a part of it.*
razia&#39;s shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
Okay, so, trip report.

New York was awesome. We didn't really do too much of the traditional touristy stuff (Statue of Liberty, etc)... we were mostly there for the shopping, dining and general wandering around. And we definitely did a lot of all of those things. I'm lucky that the wandering around was at least equal to the dining, or I'd have come back weighing 500 pounds... lol. But I love just walking around the city, especially at night, because I swear I have a big shiny buildings fetish. Some people find beauty in nature, but I honestly find few things more beautiful than the lights of a city at night.

Anyway, some of the highlights... More trip stuff.Collapse )

So yeah, in general it was a great trip, even though I got a little grumpy near the end thanks to lack of alone time, nausea from taking the subway so much, and... well, the bad news I'm trying not to think about. I'm glad that jadedguardgirl and homer2101 love me enough to put up with my whiny ass... lol. <3 I hope we can go back at some point, because I still feel like there's so much I haven't done, or would like to do again. I don't think I'd want to live there, because if I did it would become less exciting and novel than it is now, but it is probably my favorite place of all to visit at the moment.

(oh yeah, and we walked in on the mafia! and ate weird but delicious varieties of mac & cheese! and visited a coffeeshop I honestly thought was fictional! there's way too much to talk about in just one lj entry... lol.)


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