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jesus christ it's 4:30 in the morning WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY SLEEP SCHEDULE.
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
I really thought I was jaded to all that the internet had to offer. Terrible fanfiction, creepy pornography, bizarre subcultures... I've seen it all in my wanderings on this here series of tubes.

Okay, well, I thought I'd seen it all. Until ten minutes ago, though, I had not seen a French guy sitting on his couch doing some kind of disturbing interpretive dance to a Phil Collins song while smoking a cigarette.

Now I have. Thank you, Youtube. My mind is gone.

(that might not sound that weird compared to some of the Rule 34-fodder out there, yeah. but... think about how random that is, completely without context. and what really freaks me out is that the video had almost no views and no comments. I am now one of the few people on the planet who has seen said French guy's horrible tribute to the former lead singer of Genesis. there's something existentially frightening about that.

or maybe I just really need to go to bed.)


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