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"amadeus, amadeus..."
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
Just got back from a free advance screening of Adventureland. It was pretty good, aside from the fact that the copy we watched had scenes out of order in the middle of the movie, which made it very confusing when a character who had already appeared repeatedly in several scenes suddenly made a grand entrance half an hour later. Nevertheless, I liked it. Great 80s soundtrack (and major major props for using "Don't Dream It's Over" in a romantic scene <33333), Ryan Reynolds in one of his now-patented sleazeball roles, and Kristen Stewart unsurprisingly much better-cast as an angry rebellious stoner type than as Stephenie Meyer's Mary Sue Bella Swan. And I kind of loved the protagonist-- he's an adorably innocent, hopelessly romantic lit major, so of course I approve.

Don't let the advertising fool you, though-- it's really not as much of a goofy comedy as the trailers have made it seem. It's more of a quirky romance that happens to have funny scenes, more akin to Juno than Anchorman or Dodgeball, and the relationship drama gets a lot more screentime than the "wacky antics at an amusement park" aspect (aside from a handful of scenes, working at the park could've been replaced by almost any other crappy min-wage job without changing the film much). Still, cute, and I wouldn't have regretted paying to see it.

I've been craving horrible fast food for the past two days. I think I finally got it out of my system by having McDonald's for dinner tonight. Not that what I normally eat is stupendously healthy, but at least I usually don't eat much fast food. Now I feel pretty disgusting, but at least I'm not having random urges to go get a cheeseburger in the middle of the night anymore., does anyone know who aidatu is? Seems to have friended a bunch of Fredonia and APO people, including me, but the journal appears to be some kind of really emo creative writing interspersed with random spam about some work-from-home thing. And it's friendslocked. *confused* Friending troll, or someone we know being weird?

Blah. Bored. Wish I knew for sure what my weekend plans will be, but I guess there's still time. Maybe I'll go read.

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What shoiryu said, it's probably one of the random adding bots.

Don't add it to your f-list, as some versions of them have taken to posting people's friendslocked entries elsewhere, and if you can report it

Yeah, I think I'll report it. I probably should've assumed it was a bot, but... I do have some weird friends, lol, and the emo story excerpts threw me off, but if they're lifting and reposting content that explains it.

Thanks for the link!

Yeah, I've had a couple of that threw me off too, but they are stealing entries from other people, so. :/ I think it's the pyramid scheme containing ones that are easiest to see.

And yeah, np! It may take LJ about a week or so to delete the account, but they'll get it.

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