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Writer's Block: Looking Back
razia's shadow (by k9_time_puppy)
LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
It's here. April 12th, 2003. It was a lyrics meme, and the subject line was "Meh." Maybe I haven't really changed that much in six years. >.>

And I guess two days ago was my six-year LJ anniversary. I haven't posted constantly for all that time, but this journal has seen me through two degrees, several jobs, five or six romantic entanglements, and a lot of drama and turmoil. It's probably a bit self-centered, but I like having a chronicle of my life that I can look back on, and it's been good to have a place to work through emotions and vent and sometimes even get support/input from others. Here's to more years to come, though hopefully my good luck will continue and they'll be more stable ones. *knocks on wood*

On a totally different note, my faith in humanity has been utterly destroyed by TLC. Didn't that used to stand for The Learning Channel? Now it's full of terrifying shows about people with approximately seven zillion children. The Duggars scare the living shit out of me. I respect people's decisions and I try to be open-minded with regards to those who follow religious traditions I don't believe in or agree with, but... these people are really like aliens to me. How incredibly sheltered the kids are (they don't even seem to have any exposure to non-Christian popular culture or people who aren't just like them), and their practically sociopathic devotion to camera-whoring (the grandfather was dying of cancer and they were dragging him around and shoving cameras and lights in his face and talking quite calmly about how Grandpa's illness would really bring the family together... it was actually really disgusting). Also, they think Kirk Cameron is a "major Hollywood star." Um. Ha. I actually just feel sorry for most of the kids, and I really hope a few of them manage to rebel and learn to think for themselves someday.

The shows about people with weird medical conditions creep me out, too. It's just this very uncomfortable, awkward balance between "heartwarming story of courage against the odds" and "hey, look at the freak." I don't really know what the motivation for putting such things on TV is, or what the proper response is. Other than... changing the channel to something less bizarre and disquieting. Like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. >.>

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hahahaha the quiverfull movement. it fascinates me and yet scares the shit out of me. though i want their recipe for homemade laundry soap, since my father's crazy suvioralist tendencies seem to be wearing off on me.

Heh. Yeah, they made banana cake in the episode I watched and it looked really good. But I'm sure I can find an equivalent recipe on the internets that doesn't have the taint of psychotic camwhoring fundamentalists. >.>

OMG, I know what you mean about The So-Called Learning Channel! Stupid shows about parents with multiple births and raising seventeen children and baby stories and mothers in coffee houses talking giving advice on breastfeeding. As if society hasn't catered to "the family" enough. I know it's hard to believe there are people out there who rather watch a documentary or learn about history, science, anthropology, etc. instead of listening to parents describe the minute details of raising seventeen children in an overpopulated world, but we freaks do exist.

Other than... changing the channel to something less bizarre and disquieting. Like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. >.>

*SNORT* Sad, but true.

Yeah, it's just weird to me that there's a non-ironic audience for these shows. Enough that there are at least three ongoing series on the subject of ridiculously huge families, and that's not even counting the multiple-birth specials and crap like that. Really, do we need that many shows basically centered around the concept "look at us, we reproduce a lot!"? When did this become a trend? It's just kind of creepy.

I saw the Duggars on Larry King Live a couple of days ago and one of their kids (I believe the oldest, but I certainly can't keep 'em straight) announced she was pregnant. "I'm gonna be part of the mommy team!" Ack. Yuck.

Yep, the episode Liz subjected me to (NEVER FORGIVING HER lol) was the one where that announcement was made. It's actually the oldest son's wife who is pregnant, I guess. Of course they asked them how many kids they want, and she was all "as many as possible!" Bleh. (Though the son did make a point of saying "we'd be happy with one or two." I really hope that means he doesn't want to follow exactly in his parents' footsteps, because the thought of every single one of these kids growing up to be an equally prolific breeding machine is nightmare material.)

she was all "as many as possible!"

Good to know the recession isn't hitting them.

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