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geeky Doctor (by lottie_doyle)
I saw Star Trek today. To disclaim, I am not a Star Trek fan. I haven't seen much of the original series, but I've always found the spinoff series (especially Next Gen) kind of flat and boring and plastic-- the characters don't have enough personality and the world just doesn't feel real to me.

That said... THIS FILM IS INCREDIBLE. It's thrilling, it's moving, it's funny, it's got big splodey action and gorgeously nuanced characterization coexisting perfectly... it's probably the best time I've had at the movie theater in years.

The casting was pretty much perfect and I fell in love with almost every single character... it had what past Treks have lacked for me, they all felt real. I expected Chris Pine to be a boring generic pretty boy, but he was a really charismatic Kirk, and Zachary Quinto made me totally forget about Sylar within his first ten minutes onscreen (though I did wince when his first scene was with his mother... noooo!). Sulu kicked ass, Chekov was super adorable, Scotty and Bones were hilarious, Uhura could've had more to do but was pretty awesome in her own right... I just adored all of them.

And of course I'm a whore for J.J. Abrams so I loved spotting his little touches. Slusho reference! And the time-travel/alternate universe talk reminded me a lot of what's happening on Lost right now... and I swear whoever designed that ice monster lifted inspiration from the Cloverfield monster, though that might just be me, but those long bent legs are pretty distinctive. Also, one of the random women on the Enterprise crew was played by Felicity's roommate. I loled.

I guess my only complaint would be the villain, Nero... I just could not take him seriously. Every time he talked I wanted to crack up. I think it was something about Eric Bana's inflection... it just wasn't believably alien, I guess, though I don't actually know anything about the Romulans, but he had a way of almost drawling his lines that was very modern and very American and it was jarring. Just wasn't very impressed by him, but the character stuff was interesting enough that having a kind of crappy villain didn't matter that much.

(Oh, and even though I'm not really sure how I feel about adding canon romance, can I just say how much I love the fact that the ads totally faked us all out into thinking there was going to be Kirk/Uhura and then it ended up being Spock who got the girl? Logic is hot. :D)

I highly recommend you all go see it ASAP, whether you're a Trek fan or not. I already can't wait for the next film, and I'm not sure anything else coming out this summer can possibly even come close to topping this one for me. (Though is it sad that I want to see the G.I. Joe movie because it looks big and dumb and shiny and it has Christopher Eccleston as a bad guy?)

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I saw it at the drive-in last night, and damn it was good :-)

Ooh, drive-in! I'm jealous. I haven't been to one in years.

note to self: Give into JJ. I LOVE Fringe and Transformers but other than that I dont know him. Never watched Alias cause it was on at the same time as Buffy or Angel I think...? And I dont know why I have never seen any of Lost. It's like Heroes or Battlestar (another Ive not seen) I guess, you know its horribly complicated before you even go in and you have to want to deal with/watch the complications in order to get the show. My brain is just not wanting to deal with that lately, it's been all about Banter for me lately. Shows like Bones and Castle and In Plain Sight and Life and the Closer, Burn Notice, Las

In other news TREK IS SO FANTABULOUS! Can I be a green woman please?! *thud* I saw it on the puter, I cant wait to see it on the big screen! I flailed about it a bit in my lj. And needs more Simon Pegg.

lol, I started watching Lost with the first airing of the first episode, so I never had to deal with jumping in later after things had gotten complicated. I think it's worth it, though it's probably a different experience to watch the episodes on demand instead of waiting for them every week... might be less frustrating during the parts where the story drags.

But yes, light bantery episodic shows are good too. I haven't been able to really get into any of the shows you mentioned (my mom loves Burn Notice but I find the lead guy annoying so I don't watch it despite the presence of Bruce Campbell, and I've seen random eps of Bones and Castle but they haven't sucked me in yet), but I do love me some Psych, which is about as light and bantery and episodic as it gets.

And so much more Simon Pegg. I'm sad he didn't show up until almost the end, but it was cool because by then I'd forgotten he was in the movie at all... lol.

so you're going again with me, yes? :P

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